The WOW factor

During our working years, concerns revolve around saving up for retirement.
Many retirees are worried about overspending and rightfully so, especially when they do not have a financial plan in place to give them a clear view on what they can afford. The reality is that underspending occurs quite often as well.
Although the allure of material goods fades as we get wiser, putting money towards creating great experiences for you and your loved ones is always a good investment.
Check out WOW air. A high performance, low -cost airline offering up some unique experiences.

The really cool (pun intended) destination right now is Iceland, a country renowned for its geothermal spas, hiking, exceptional dining, biking, sea kayaking and a great deal more. While Icelandic summers are surprisingly warm, lush and green, winter is comparable to what we encounter here in Quebec: cold & crisp.
Founded in November 2011, WOW air is an Icelandic carrier that operates services to a total of 23 destinations in Europe, the USA, and Canada – all accessible at exceptionally low prices and originating from Montreal. Direct flights from Montreal to Reykjavik are as low as $520 (one way for 2 tickets) and you can combine flights with hotel packages, a car rental and plenty of excursions.
Hip Reykjavík. The beautiful therapeutic Blue Lagoon. Iceland’s musical exports, Björk and Sigur Rós, boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, breathtaking glaciers and waterfalls. For those inclined, a must experience is to organize a backcountry trek on the Icelandic horse, the tölt : a hardy pony-sized animal famous for its four-beat gait, known for its explosive acceleration and speed, and delivers a gorgeous stable ride.
Check it out:
Your wealth is hard -earned; we think you should enjoy spending it.

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