Our Team

Diversification of assets is a key principle of successful investing.

Assets are carefully chosen to work well together in all conditions.

Our team is constructed in much the same way.

"The Innovator"

Portfolio Manager

“The Perfectionist”

Portfolio Manager

“The Implementor”

Portfolio Manager

"The Investigator"

Investment research and client portfolio analysis

“The Technophile”

Investment research and client portfolio analysis

“The Insightful One”

Investment Advisor

“The Documenter”

Senior Administrative Assistant

“The Tracker”

Licensed Assistant

“The Supporter”

Administrative Assistant

Jesse Carrier

Gleb Troubetskoi

Diverse backgrounds and skillsets

A diversity of backgrounds and skill-sets provides stability, reliability, and most importantly, the knowledge and insight needed to successfully manage and service our clients’ goals. Each member of our team is dedicated to the full ownership of his or her own responsibilities. Our work ethic is a synergy of accessibility, transparency, integrity, respect and professionalism – in all client interactions, and with each other. As committed as we are to the health, wealth, and happiness of our clients, this commitment extends to our assets – every member of our team.