Event: Take 59 – How the Science of Persuasion Can Positively Impact Your Business

This is the philosophy behind Take59 – a series of events hosted by the team of Total Wealth Management Group. These informative seminars are designed to offer you as much as possible in a concise, convenient presentation format. We start promptly at 5:00 pm and dive into a fascinating topic with a qualified guest speaker. By 5:59 pm, you’ll be out the door feeling invigorated and inspired. (Think big impact, low time commitment – an approach we can all get on board with!)

We know how valuable your time is, so we strive to make every minute of these seminars worth it. Join us and you’ll see for yourself – this is a practical, engaging learning series for the modern professional.

Monday, March 26th: The science of persuasion with Dr. Gillian Leithman

Presented by Dr. Gillian Leithman, a corporate trainer and wellness expert who specializes in teaching research-based solutions to personal and professional challenges, Dr. Leithman will share her insights on using the power of persuasion both in and out of the office, offering specific examples of how small changes can persuade others to say “yes”.  An in-demand speaker and educator, Dr. Leithman has presented to professional teams at Air Canada, FedEx, Telus, Bell Canada and the RCMP and owns the consulting firm Rewire to Retire. She currently teaches at the John Molson School of Business and the Goodman Institute for Investment Management at Concordia University in Montreal. The Total Wealth Management team is very pleased to welcome Dr. Leithman to the Take59 series.

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