TWM Group adapting to the new normal

Published by: Wealth Professional Magazine Despite trepidation from some regarding the future of the world economy in 2021, TWM Group Portfolio Manager Nader Hamid expects more of the same from his company. After a strong year, Nader Hamid, a Portfolio Manager with Total Wealth Management Group, iA Private Wealth, said he expects more of the same […]

Have you prepared your digital legacy?

Among the many aspects that compound wealth planning, the transfer of wealth is a particularly special one. It is where we express the material legacy we want to leave our loved ones after our passing away. According to a survey by Angus Reid Institute, only 58%1 of Quebeckers have a will in place. If you […]

TWM Group, Digital Innovator of the Year in Canada

We are delighted to tell you that TWM Group was recognized as the Digital Innovator of the Year at the annual Wealth Professional Awards. A few years ago, the Total Wealth Management Group team made an important decision: to embrace digital technology. We did so not to replace the vitally important personal contact and rapport […]


Advances in science and technology are bringing an unprecedented level of personalization to healthcare. Personally-tailored medicine is giving doctors new information so they can prescribe treatments that are the best fit for your individual physiology. One element of personalized medicine is pharmacogenetics, the process of looking at a person’s genetic code so doctors can understand […]


New and innovative products are designed every day to improve quality of life, especially for the aging. Here are two latest innovations.

Millennials: Easy Targets for Fraud & Scams?

Due to the nature of our business: managing your money, technology is an indispensable tool. Our alignment with well-established firms ensures that information is processed over digital platforms designed to protect and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive client data. For Millennials, also known as Generation Y, (definition: People born in the 1980s and 1990s; mostly the children […]

Mac vs Windows

For decades, Microsoft Windows users have been engaged in a debate with supporters of Apple’s Macs over who had the superior platform. This was, at root, a conflict precipitated by the very public rivalry between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. As Matt Weinberger observed recently in Business Insider: ‘Eventually things settled into a duopoly, as […]

Switching Gears

BlackBerry’s track record for mobile security and leadership in automotive software makes moving into autonomous driving research a natural fit, the company’s chief executive John Chen observed at the opening of a new research centre — QNX Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre (AVIC) — in Ottawa. “Autonomous vehicles require software that is extremely sophisticated and highly […]

Catalyst 137, IoT, and AI

Montreal is poised to reverse the brain drain that has seen many of our brightest researchers leave to find employment elsewhere. And it appears that we, as a nation, are poised to attract large corporations and start-ups; it will be interesting to observe if investment opportunities unfold. Catalyst 137, a $55 million project is scheduled […]

Montreal: The Next Tech Capital of the World?

Montreal universities announce federally funded breakthrough investment of $213M for computer and brain research. We don`t believe the doom-and-gloom stories about Montreal’s economic decline, especially the ones about the growth of high-tech enterprises where Quebec continues to be a national leader. And here’s further proof: Montreal’s leading research institutions — Université de Montréal, McGill University, […]

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