Business Succession Planning

A business often represents a lifetime of work and vision. Yet, many business owners wanting to exit ownership barely have a formal succession plan in place. Leaving business succession to chance could allow someone else to decide what happens to your business, potentially at significant cost. Planning early helps ensure a smooth and successful transition […]

A Powerful Tool to Minimize Tax

What is a trust? Estate and trust planning is fundamental to the work we perform on behalf of the clients of TWM Group. Traditionally deployed as a way to minimize estate taxes, an astutely designed trust delivers several additional advantages in the context of a coherent estate plan. Fundamentally, a trust is a fiduciary device […]

Elements of a Plan

Succession planning does not take place in isolation from the larger issue of your overall financial security. An effective succession plan will examine all aspects of your financial situation. This includes: A) Distribution of Ownership If transferring ownership of your business, a shareholder agreement is a key tool that should be considered.

Six Steps for Building a Financial Plan for Ageing Parents

We have touched on the issue of caring for ageing parents in the past, but we’re revisiting it again because – for many if not most of us – it remains an inescapable fact of life. In a recent issue of Time magazine, writer Christopher Mathews offered some invaluable insights about the six basic financial […]

Helping Aging Parents Look After Themselves

Aging parents – distressing though it is to recognize – inevitably face declining capacities over which they have diminishing control. As a result, many of us are confronted with the unenviable task of managing the wealth, health and overall wellbeing of parents who can no longer adequately look after themselves. Before things take a turn […]

Optimum Strategies for Creativity and Longevity

While we recognize that research and tech industries need to maintain a competitive pace with their peers by maintaining a younger workforce, the trends indicate a diminishment in the value of working to a ripe old age, both by employers and for employees. While we don’t agree that experience is without value, it’s clear to […]

Business Succession Planning

A business often represents a lifetime of work and vision. However, despite almost three-quarters of business owners wanting to transfer control or exit ownership within the next decade, barely a third has a formal succession plan in place. Lack of a plan is the most common reason family businesses fail to survive first-to-second generation ownership. […]

Increase your Retirement Success

Studies show that investors who work with an advisor save at twice the rate and accumulate four times the assets of those who don’t. While there is a wide range of investment products out there specifically designed to help people prepare and plan for their retirement, there really is no substitute for sitting down with […]

Planning For a Long Life

Accumulation & Decumulation: facing the financial implications of a long life. Two frequently used terms in any professionally conducted discussion about retirement planning are accumulation and decumulation. The accumulation phase is the pre-retirement period when we work and save for retirement. Upon retiring, decumulation begins. When saving for retirement, the focus tends to be on […]

Sandwich Generation forced to take bigger bites

Middle-aged adults find themselves sandwiched between caring for an aging parent and raising a young child or financially supporting a grown child. According to the Pew Research Center, a non-profit think-tank in Washington D.C., 47% of adults in their 40s and 50s find themselves to be members of the ‘Sandwich Generation’, a term officially added […]

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