How Four Major Changes to Canada’s Housing Rules Will Affect Us All

Earlier this month, Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau introduced important legislation designed to address the so-called ‘housing bubble’ in this country. The proposed measures are significant. Change 1: Expanding a mortgage rate stress test to all insured mortgages As of October 17, a stress test used for approving high-ratio mortgages will be applied to all […]

The impact of the U.S. Elections

According to forecasts and recent polls, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is projected to win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election against her Republican opponent Donald Trump; estimates1 now indicate a 84% chance of victory for the former, compared to a 16% chance for the latter. The policy agendas of both candidates are radically different, with Clinton […]

Announcing Canada’s First City of Millionaires

Rising real estate values drive the average net worth of Metro Vancouver households up over $1 million! According to a study published by Environics Analytics, the average net worth of Vancouver households rose 7.1 per cent last year to hit $1,036,202 by the end of 2015. Second came Toronto with an average net worth of […]

BREXIT — What happened last night?

The UK Referendum delivered a surprise to global markets and voted to leave the European Union. This could take a couple of years to materialize and many debates will happen prior. Immediate Impacts The uncertainty of how things will play out will cause volatile markets in the short and mid-term The USD is up today […]

Market Commentary January 2016

Happy New Year, Markets are off to a rocky start. Here is a quick overview of what is going on. Issues in China China has 3 main growth drivers: Infrastructure Exports Consumer Spending

Canadian Election

Canada’s centrist Liberal Party has won a historic majority victory, displacing the centre-right Conservatives after ten years in power for that party. The Liberals were expected to win after surging in the polls over the final two weeks of the campaign, but the majority victory – with 184 out of 338 seats in the House […]

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