How to Optimize Your Memory and Prevent Cognitive Impairment

WHEN? Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 5:00 – 5:59 pm Rachel will focus on how to prevent cognitive impairment and more specifically discuss: How memory functions change with age The impact of lifestyle on memory The risk associated with dementia How to improve memory capabilities About Dr. Rachel Goodman: Rachel received her doctorate in clinical psychology […]

Investing: When There’s Too Much Media Noise

Most investors know that markets can be volatile – it’s part of a natural cycle and in many ways, it’s necessary. The occasional market drop normally results in healthy price corrections, great buying opportunities, and should not cause investor fear or panic. That said, outside influences can make it difficult to stay calm and “turn […]

The Negative Effects of Multitasking

It’s a phrase that often appears on a job seeker’s resume: ‘excellent multitasker’. As so many of us list it among our professional skills, the ability to multitask is thought to be an asset. But what if tackling several tasks at once not only makes us less effective, it actually has a negative effect on […]

Avoid the Risk of Outliving Your Capital

When: Thursday, April 26, 2018, 5:00 – 5:59 pm. Disponible en français le même jour à 12:00 pm In his presentation, Mr. St-Pierre will take a look at the key issues related to living longer with a special focus on: How inflation could be a threat to your retirement lifestyle How to avoid the risk […]

Exercise for Ageing Muscles

Let’s view health for what it really is: taking care of body and mind over the long-term, so it can take care of you.


New and innovative products are designed every day to improve quality of life, especially for the aging. Here are two latest innovations.

Financial planning

According to the most recent data available from Statistics Canada, approximately 465,000 Canadian families are blended, meaning one or both parents have children from a previous relationship. The portrait of a typical Canadian family is changing rapidly, especially in Quebec, where couples are less likely to marry than elsewhere in the country and where blended […]

Canada 150 & Free Discovery Pass for 2017

We’re well into 2017 and this year Canadians are celebrating our 150th anniversary. But a lot of people living here in Montréal seem to be confused because there are actually two celebrations happening simultaneously. It’s Canada’s 150th anniversary, but it’s also Montréal’s 375th anniversary. As a result, there’s a staggering degree of overlap between events […]

Summer Adventures in Quebec

While we preach diversification of assets for your investments, the current value of our loonie encourages domestic, localized spending. After a winter season that seemed to drag on interminably, we thought we’d offer some vacation planning ideas to help you get the biggest bang for your hard-earned bucks. Spanning almost 1 600 000 km squared, […]

Games for Hope 2017

After our defeat in 2016, we’re heading back to redeem our honour! G4H = Games for Hope. This foundation has evolved to become one of the best bottom-line fundraisers in Montreal. Started in 2001 and grown at home, the foundation boasts an impressive target: less than 20% of donations should be used to finance event […]