Sudden Wealth Syndrome: Part II

The risks associated with Sudden Wealth Syndrome (Part 1: the risks) are well documented and threaten the more than $750 billion in inheritance Canadians expect to receive over the next decade. There are two critical steps families should take to improve the odds of preserving the family fortune: Start early Kids with financial savvy have […]

Financial planning

According to the most recent data available from Statistics Canada, approximately 465,000 Canadian families are blended, meaning one or both parents have children from a previous relationship. The portrait of a typical Canadian family is changing rapidly, especially in Quebec, where couples are less likely to marry than elsewhere in the country and where blended […]

Business Succession Planning

A business often represents a lifetime of work and vision. Yet, many business owners wanting to exit ownership barely have a formal succession plan in place. Leaving business succession to chance could allow someone else to decide what happens to your business, potentially at significant cost. Planning early helps ensure a smooth and successful transition […]

Capital Gains

Capital property represents assets that can appreciate (gain) or depreciate (loss) in value. A capital gain or loss results from the sale of a capital asset (ie: an investment, stock, bond, real estate, etc.). The capital gain is the increase in the value of the asset that gives it a higher worth than the purchase […]