Putting cryptocurrencies in context

For some time now, there has been a great deal of public interest in cryptocurrencies and, specifically, in Bitcoin. In this blog, we provide you with some context about the cryptocurrency phenomenon and its media coverage. Definitions and descriptions Let’s start with some elementary definitions and descriptions: A cryptocurrency is the generic term for a […]

Bitcoin Risks: An Overview

The headlines about Bitcoin have been impossible to ignore. With so many conflicting perspectives circulating in the media, an informed evaluation of Bitcoin’s investment worthiness is difficult for most to achieve.  As tempting as its meteoric rise looks, most financial professionals tend to stay away from products that regularly experience disturbingly huge drops.  Bitcoin’s volatility […]

What is Blockchain?

The past year has been full of news about Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and the wider topic of blockchain technology.

Understanding Bitcoin

[social_share] What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the most widely known virtual currencies, a form of electronic payment that is not issued by any bank or regulated by any government. Exempt from the rules regarding traditional currencies, Bitcoin is generally viewed by its users as liberating, and by its detractors as risky. Why use […]

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