Increase your Retirement Success

Studies show that investors who work with an advisor save at twice the rate and accumulate four times the assets of those who don’t.
While there is a wide range of investment products out there specifically designed to help people prepare and plan for their retirement, there really is no substitute for sitting down with an advisor to discuss your individual (and family) expectations, options and goals.
You are you. Your family is your family. And since your retirement requirements are unique, the last thing you need is a pre-processed plan devoid of the necessary internal flexibility that allows it to change in step with your changing circumstances as you age and as your changing needs evolve.
According to a couple of recent authoritative studies – Value of Advice Report, Investment Funds Institute of Canada; Econometric Models on the Value of Advice of a Financial Advisor, CIRANO ( Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche en Analyse des Organisations) Institute – a Montreal-based research institute:

Investors who work with an advisor save at twice the rate and accumulate four times the assets of those who don’t.
Much like planning a trip, buying a home, or looking after our health, the key to successful preparation for retirement is being informed, having a well-constructed plan, and having access to expert advice enabling you to:

  1. Accumulate greater wealth through better savings behaviour.
  2. Build and protect assets systematically
  3. Select tax-efficient, risk adjusted investment vehicles
  4. Maintain a long-term investment strategy
  5. Protect against uninformed financial decisions
  6. Avoid emotional investing habits

A professional financial advisor can help you set realistic goals , understand the potential risks and benefits of financial products, and help you monitor and understand how your investments – and other aspects of your overall financial strategy — have performed. The conclusion is inescapable.
Obtaining good advice can help you make better informed financial planning decisions leading to a more fully funded retirement.

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