Pascal Ricard, CIM®

The Implementer

Portfolio Manager
TWM Group
iA Private Wealth

Where it All Began

In Montreal’s historic Sun Life building, Pascal began his career in finance in 1998 at National Bank Financial. Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a busy trading environment, he observed different investment psychologies triggered by different market conditions, especially market volatility. This is where he honed his skill to effectively pair investments to suit differing emotional temperaments.

Clients Become Relationships

Pascal’s interest to provide highly customized guidance progressed to include retirement projections and fiscal control. Naturally insightful, he was able to help his clients identify their financial goals: short-term needs and long-term dreams. Reverse engineering the financial landscape of their ideal future, Pascal successfully advised his clients – to be prepared for the unexpected, and to meet the milestone events of their lives with confidence and ease.

The Evolution

The trajectory of his career changed after joining iA Private Wealth in 2012. Wanting to provide both corporations and individuals a path to fulfilling their financial goals, Pascal obtained the prestigious Chartered Investment Manager, CIM® designation. As a Portfolio Manager, he provides expert individualized advice and guidance. True to his history, Pascal still specializes in retirement projection, but now with the added dimension of identifying and minimizing tax burden for the long- and short-term.

Logical Progression

A former triathlete, Half Ironman, and marathon participant, Pascal is today a proud and dedicated family man, a devoted father of 3. “Past life” physical feats are now replaced by different – and sometimes more difficult – ones, like: the occasional scavenger hunt for yet another lost lunchbox, frequent weeknight chauffeuring, social event management, and some pretty sophisticated weekend home improvement projects at behest of the Mrs. He does manage to get in the occasional squash game for himself, but most days Pascal is wisely living his own reverse-engineered life plan: he happily meets the demands of his wife and children now for the consistent and longer-term payoff of peace and happiness.

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