Olivier Jean, CFA®

The Investigator

Financial Analyst
Associate Investment Advisor
TWM Group
iA Private Wealth

Olivier is a passionate cook. He truly appreciates the subtle and bold nuances of different herbs & spices, especially how they interact with each other. The results are exquisite and tantalizing.

Olivier brings this same creativity to the world of financial products.

With a natural taste for research and analysis, Olivier is a key contributor to our Investment Committee. He provides the information necessary to increase the robustness of its financial decisions. Among his primary duties are: financial product research and capital markets’ analysis. He also keeps a constant eye on our clients’ portfolios.

From HEC, he holds a Bachelor in Business Administration specializing in Finance. He is a holder of the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation®, one of the most prestigious designations in the World for investment and financial professionals. He is also currently enrolled in a Masters in Applied Financial Economics at HEC Montreal.

To learn is at the core of Olivier’s character. Also a reader, his favorite subjects are philosophy and history; he believes that history provides the tools necessary to avoid future mistakes. Considering the reflections of the brightest minds allows him to evolve as an individual.

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