Maxime Lagacé-Carter, F. Pl.

The Insightful One

Investment Advisor
TWM Group
iA Private Wealth

Maxime entered the financial sector determined to deliver an exceptional service and experience to his clients. An avid reader, he had been passionate about personal finance from a very young age, and the idea of helping people through their wealth-growing journey was fascinating in his eyes.

He completed a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Université de Sherbrooke, after which he worked as a financial services director and financial planner for several banks. Though these years provided him with valuable working experience, he felt a culture based on sales often ran counter to clients’ interests and did not reflect his values.

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, he then chose to start a practice of his own and –in his words– “to turn my clients into my teammates.”

TWM Group

Maxime is passionate about raising the standards and continuous improvement, two of TWM Group’s fundamental values. He had always been a team player. He enjoyed the challenges of working with demanding peers and succeeding as a group.

He first became acquainted with our team in 2018 and was astonished by the quality of our research and investments. “First of all – he says – there are not many teams in Quebec with permanent Investment Committees. Plus, they have several non-client-facing Financial Analysts dedicated to finding the best investments.”

Maxime joined TWM Group in January 2022 as an Investment Advisor. His office is in Saint-Lambert on the South Shore of Montreal.

He has made a perfect fit with our team’s values. With this new synergy, the best is yet to come!

Feel free to reach out to Maxime.

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