Lily Yan

The Tracker

Licensed Assistant
TWM Group
iA Private Wealth

Lily’s experience in international sales taught her that a solid reputation is earned by always putting clients first. And this is the mindset she brings to her work on the team.

After moving to Montreal in 2012 and previously trained in international trade, Lily pursued a MA in Economics at Concordia University. Her mathematical skills and foundations in economic theory led her to the financial industry, where she later joined TWM Group in 2016.

With an acute sense of detail, Lily masters all of our internal systems and predominantly supports client requests. Working closely with Tessa, no task is too great or too small to receive her dedicated attention. She is most content when presented with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills that will ultimately deliver increased satisfaction to our clients.

Lily believes life is a journey of possibilities meant to be explored.

Lily is ready to assist.

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