Kevin John Abouzeid, CFA® Level III Candidate

The Technophile

Portfolio Analytics Associate
TWM Group
iA Private Wealth

Kevin is an invaluable part of our Investment Committee. His role involves carrying out in-depth analyses of the financial markets and its products to generate ideas and help build the most robust portfolios for our clients. He is currently studying the last level to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), one of the most prestigious qualifications in the World for investment and financial professionals.

Kevin embodies the analytical temperament of his profession. After studying Math & Computer Science, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Montreal. His background allows him to leverage his computer programming skills – including languages like Python, C# and Java – to automatize processes related to investment due diligence, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of errors. It also helps him understand the technical side of software companies that we invest in.

Creative and curious, Kevin’s passion is to understand human behaviour. He found the stock market to be a perfect window for it. While he enjoys the research and analysis process, contributing to the financial wellbeing of our clients at Total Wealth Management Group has also allowed him to fulfil a calling of his caring character: helping people reach happiness and peace of mind.

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