Jean Hénault, CIM®

The Perfectionist

Portfolio Manager
TWM Group
iA Private Wealth
Managing Partner | TWM Group

Jean turned from real estate investments and management into the financial industry in 1994.

At that time, he was in need of a financial advisor to help him manage his investments. Having interviewed many of them, he was unimpressed with the quality of advice and explanations he received. Proactive as he has always been, Jean chose to educate himself and get licensed in order to manage his own assets. Shortly after, he was asked to manage the wealth of many acquaintances who trusted him and knew his reputation as a successful and honest businessman.

Since then, he has continued to educate himself and build a team around him to remain at the cutting-edge of the industry he has grown passionate about.

Jean’s personal satisfaction lies in work well done, with honesty and professionalism. He loves teamwork and believes debating ideas enriches knowledge.

Strong client relationships and a solid reputation are the cornerstones of Jean’s success.

Jean would love to hear from you.

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