Frequently Asked Questions

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your advisor meet with you regularly to review your portfolio?
  • Do you know what your exact portfolio’s year to date performance was? Do you know its performance in the past five years? Do you know how this performance compares with an appropriate benchmark?
  • Do you know exactly how much your advisor charges you in management fees?
  • Do you know if the management fees you pay are tax-deductible?

If your answer to most of these questions is “No,” you are probably in the wrong hands…

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  • Portfolio managers directly manage portfolios for clients based on their individual needs and goals within a specific mandate’s constraints. The mandate is an agreement where you establish the guidelines under which your portfolio will be managed.
  • Investment advisors are licenced to provide you with advice to help you make decisions on your portfolio. After you approve for each transaction, they take care of the transactions for you.
  • Financial planners are licenced and experienced in preparing retirement plans.
  • Financial Security Advisors are licenced and can assist with insurance.


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Wealth management is a puzzle of many pieces, and investment is only one of them. That’s why we incorporate Total wealth management. Our services include portfolio management, retirement & estate planning, tax minimization strategies, business succession planning, benefits & pension administration and cash flow planning.

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Of course. When calculating returns, it is essential to look carefully at the tax burden, especially since interests, dividends, and capital gains have all different tax treatments. We structure portfolios to make them tax-efficient and maximize your net after-tax return.

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As a financial service, TWM Group is considered an Essential Service, and we continue to stand with our clients during this crisis. Most of our team is working from home to reduce the number of people at our offices. Our clients also have the choice of meeting us remotely through video conferencing platforms. For those who choose to meet us in person, we have established a strict sanitary protocol at our offices to protect our client’s safety.

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Invest with TWM Group

Our clients and their families typically have a net worth of $2M or more. If you have an amount under the minimum, we still invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your options.

*Please note that TWM Group does not provide investment advice nor do we solicit or share personal information through public forums or platforms such as social media. Please communicate with us only through official channels like email, the client portal or your portfolio manager.