Estate planning

Estate planning helps maximize the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate and ensure they end up in the hands of the people you have chosen.


Do you know how much your heirs will pay in taxes in case of your death?

Do you know the strategies we can use to reduce taxes for your heirs?

Are your heirs qualified to settle your estate objectively considering its complexity?

A complex process made simple

Deciding the distribution of your entire estate can be emotional and even overwhelming.
We help our clients navigate this process with Peace of Mind, in 4 steps.

1. Discovery

We help you clarify your objectives.

2. Information gathering

We need to understand your current situation.

3. Action plan and strategies

We have multidisciplinary professionals involved in creating comprehensive strategies tailored to your case.

4. Keeping your plan updated

We set periodic reviews to ensure your plan remains adequate for any major life change.

Minimizing taxes and preserving your assets

Taxes are most people’s largest expense in Canada. This is also true for assets you wish to transfer to your loved ones or causes (e.g. charitable giving). An estate plan can provide you with strategies to prevent a significant reduction of your assets due to taxes.

An estate plan can help you limit the liability exposure of your assets to protect them from possible lawsuits or other legal events.

Making sure your assets go to the ones you choose

The distribution of your assets can produce disputes between family members, add stress in a moment of grief, and could result in a costly process. An up-to-date will can reduce or eliminate this altogether and will ensure your assets are distributed in the way you choose.

Strategies to maximize your estate

We can put in place a plan using life insurance strategies (last to die) in order to maximize your estate value and minimize taxes.