Canadian Award for Engagement, Loyalty & Client Care

We are honoured to have been presented with the prestigious AGF Award for Engagement, Loyalty & Client Care this year at the annual Wealth Professional Awards (WPA, 2021).

We have been recognized in past WP events in two other categories: Digital Innovator of the Year (2020) and Top 50 Advisor in Canada, Nader Hamid (2019, 2020, 2021). However, this year’s award truly underscores the mission of our practice.

Our approach is driven by our values

Engagement, loyalty and client care represent key performance criteria for successful financial management firms. We are proud to have succeeded in this demanding test and will continue to work hard to maintain our best-in-class level of service.

Our team embraced digital technology several years ago; however, sophisticated tools alone will not achieve our objectives. Rather, the frequent, honest and self-critical personal collaboration between our team and our clients can. Intellectual rigour, unique sensitivity, and a culture designed to encourage independent thinking are the core values that drive our practice.

Building meaningful relationships results from a values-driven disciplined process. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive wealth management experience to help our clients achieve their goals with Peace of Mind.

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