4 Tech Companies to Watch

Canada’s economy is changing. At the national, provincial, and municipal level, Canada is reaching new heights in global rankings of wealth, innovation, and even quality of life.
Journalists and investors around the world are excited about developments and stand-out entrepreneurs from Victoria to St. John’s, and everywhere in between.

Here are 4 growing tech companies to watch:


Predicting the future has long been a goal of politicians and fortune tellers the world over, but few have come as close as Montreal’s Hopper. This mobile app predicts airfare costs and helps fliers save money on flights to domestic and international destinations. Lauded as one of the poster children of tech innovation in Canada, Hopper has earned tremendous support for public and private sponsors.
Hopper alerts its users as to the best time to purchase tickets to their desired destination, and prohibits spam, ads, pop-ups, and other annoyances. Simply input your location and desired destination, and Hopper will advise you when you should book that flight. It might be immediately, it might be just days before your departure, but the app will help you find the cheapest possible price.


Bench Accounting is a name recognized by most successful small business owners these days. In partnership with other popular service providers, Bench helps Canadian businesses with their accounting operations. Basically, they serve as your personal bookkeeping team. Bench collects the financial details of small and medium-sized business and turns them into financial reports that are easy to understand and can be used to make better decisions. Users don’t have to input data or crunch numbers, they just automatically get the detailed financial reports they need to grow their companies.


As one of Canada’s largest cities, consistently ranked among the world’s most livable, Vancouver is fast attracting tech talent. To give you an idea how well the company is doing, its secondary office is in London, United Kingdom. One of the most promising tech companies to emerge from the London city’s scene is Eventbase, which does the behind the scenes work for events from film festivals to the Olympic Games.
Eventbase describes itself as the intelligent event app for premium brands, and has the support of countless household names – including fully half of the world’s Top 20 ranked tech companies. From Microsoft and Century 21, to IBM and Cisco, Eventbase is the bread and butter of successful, prestigious events.

Top Hat

Top Hat is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada, no surprise given how successfully it has turned traditional classrooms into spaces of truly interactive learning. Top Hat operates on the principle that students are going to use their mobile phones in class, no matter how hard teachers try to prevent it. Instead of fighting it, Top Hat takes advantage of phones to keep students engaged and learning. From challenging questions to homework assignments, students use their phones to learn, build their confidence, and complete customizable course content.
These are just four of literally hundreds of Canadian tech companies sharing their innovation at home and marketing themselves abroad.

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