Health and wealth: why employee financial wellness should matter to business owners


It takes a lot of different elements to create a successful business, but there is one constant across all industries: the importance of human talent. Employees say a lot about a business and have plenty of influence on the success or failure of projects. Knowing this, many companies have instituted programs to support the physical and mental health of their staff. It’s an excellent concept that can have a positive impact on the lives of employees, subsequently creating a stronger team at work.

While this attention to wellness is becoming commonplace, one element still seems to be neglected is the financial wellness of employees. A recent study of 2400 Canadians indicated that 45% of employees felt like they had a low level of financial well-being. Of that 45%, nearly half felt that financial stress distracted them at work.1 Furthermore, an overwhelming 93% of Canadians felt that financial stress could affect work and productivity. This is arguably true, as 70% of disability costs are associated with mental health issues and related illnesses.2

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The Marijuana Industry


The marijuana industry had a stellar year of growth in 2017, so much so in fact that it might now be causing investors to have irrational expectations with regards to its potential to keep delivering stellar returns for the next twelve months. Although this sector could very well continue to experience phenomenal upside in 2018, it is important to keep in mind that this is a new industry whose growth expectations are based on a multitude on uncertainties. Below are some facts to make sense of this still green opportunity.

(all sources have been quoted with hyperlinks for further reading)

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8 Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor


A total wealth strategy will always benefit from the support of an objective, skilled advisor whose decisions will not be based on emotion. Much like asking a doctor for medical advice, wealth management is most successful when performed by a disciplined professional who has their clients’ best interests at heart (and hopefully, a decent bedside manner). It’s not only important to work with a professional – it’s critical that the relationship be a good fit. To ensure quality care and a strong partnership, the following are some key considerations and questions to ask:

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Bitcoin Risks: An Overview


The headlines about Bitcoin have been impossible to ignore. With so many conflicting perspectives circulating in the media, an informed evaluation of Bitcoin’s investment worthiness is difficult for most to achieve.  As tempting as its meteoric rise looks, most financial professionals tend to stay away from products that regularly experience disturbingly huge drops.  Bitcoin’s volatility is certainly a deterrent, but here are a few risks that further explain why our long-term investment strategies exclude this particular cryptocurrency:

Recognizing risk vs hype

Less than one third of Bitcoin are in actual circulation – the rest have been purchased for speculation.  From a purely numeric perspective, the value of Bitcoin has plummeted over 30% multiple times in the last year.  This alone is enough to raise concern about the long-term valuation and stability of this type of investment. On the technical side of things, the blockchain created for Bitcoin has already been challenged by another blockchain technology, Etherum – now the second largest cryptocurrency network.  Etherum has created a fork of blockchain cash in order to reduce transaction times and improve efficiencies.  The full effect of this on Bitcoin remains to be seen.

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