Your Testimonials

“When I joined Dundee, the market was in a downward spiral. Nader monitored my assets and made sure that I didn’t lose my shirt. Since then, my assets have returned and surpassed my initial investment. You can’t go wrong when you have a diligent advisor working for a reputable company.”
Neil J.

“Since day one, Nader Hamid has shown outstanding professionalism, reliability with his advice and recommendations and accessible for any questions concerning my account or future investments.”
David R.

“I have been very fortunate to receive sound financial advice based on my own personal needs, situation and risk tolerance. Knowledge and presentation of various alternatives have been provided to craft a financial plan suited to my lifetime financial goals.”
Richard C.

“We value your advice, honesty and professional service. Trust has to be earned; you and your team have earned our trust.”
Tim & Christine S.

“Very professional, yet at the same time he is a warm, friendly and trustworthy person. I look forward to our meetings.”
Dr. Sara P.

“Over the several years of working with Mr. Nader Hamid and his team, I have had a most satisfactory relationship with them, and have found a nice match between my financial objectives and their handling of my wife and I’s financial health.”
Richard L.

“We have been a client of Nader for a number of years.  He is a person who looks after his customers and has never failed to satisfy us. He respects our needs and we are confident that he has our best interest at heart. Our portfolios keep growing and due to his sound advice, our retirement plan is on target.”
Lise & Stewart T.

“In the 6 years Nader Hamid has been our advisor he has been consistently patient with our queries, is extremely knowledgeable about the market, and always has our best interests as his motivation. He is improving his credentials to better meet our needs. Nader’s advice is geared to our risk level and he never has advised anything outside our comfort zone. He doesn’t overwhelm us with too much choice. Nader is very open regarding his approach and the service fees we are charged.

We are confident that he will continue to give us excellent advice and to manage our portfolio professionally.”
Peter & Mary Jane D.

“…I take great pleasure to have the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of Mr. Nader Hamid who has been our financial adviser for more than fifteen years. During that time, Mr. Hamid has creatively and wisely managed our investments and guided our long-term goals to our financial benefit. Recently Mr. Hamid came to our house to discuss our future financial plans since my husband now finds it difficult to travel.

We greatly appreciate his caring, knowledgeable, and sincere approach, as he fine-tunes our financial success.

Thank you”
Carole P.