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Professional Management

Do you get goose bumps when you picture the life you want to live in the future: doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t, while enjoying peace of mind?

We understand that! Helping you get there is what we’re all about. Here’s how we help.

How We Help You Navigate Successfully Toward Your Goals

If wealth management is like a car, then investment is like the engine: It’s really important, but all by itself it won’t get you where you want to go. That’s why wealth planning is essential.

A Big-Picture View

One of the ways we’re different is that we do a 360-degree in-depth analysis of your financial life. Combining that with our effective management of your portfolio provides you with sound opportunities to create, build, and protect your personal wealth.

How We Invest Your Money

Do you ever wonder:

  • Is my portfolio in line with what I want to do with my life?
  • Do I really understand how my different investments work together in my total wealth plan?
  • Do I know what I’m paying in fees, hidden and otherwise, for my portfolio?

You’re in Control

We can answer these key questions, and any others you may have. Working with us, you’ll feel you’re in control of your financial life because you’ll always:

  • Understand how your money is working for you
  • Be presented with the upside and downside of every decision
  • Be on top of your portfolio’s performance
  • Know exactly what fees you’re paying

How We Invest for You

While investing can get pretty technical, we take care of these details in the same way your car mechanic takes care of everything under your car’s hood. All you need to do is choose the model and colour of car, as it were, that gets you where you want to go.

To present you with these sound financial solutions, our team of investment professionals and strategists follow disciplined, repeatable processes for evaluating and analyzing information. The fruit of these processes are consistent results over the long term.

Staying on Top of an Ever-changing Financial World

Why does our investment team meet weekly, monthly, and quarterly to assess market trends? Because markets change, so we may have to make changes in your investments. That’s where you benefit from having your very own Portfolio Manager.

Creating Extra Value for You

With his discretionary power, your Portfolio Manager can react nimbly in evolving market conditions to reduce risk and improve your net return.

Our Portfolio Manager and his team can build value for you through tools such as:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation: Based on your goals, comfort level with risk, and timelines, we invest fixed percentages of your money in different asset classes. As returns come in for these asset classes, we re-distribute the returns to ensure that your portfolio maintains the original percentage of allocation agreed upon.
  • Tactical Allocation: Let’s say that your stocks represent not a fixed percentage of your investments but a range of percentage, for example 50% to 60%. Within this range of variance, your Portfolio Manager has the flexibility to take advantage of market situations to generate short-term profits.
  • Frequent, Disciplined Monitoring of Your Investments: Since our compensation depends on how we make your investments grow, we’re motivated to produce great returns for you. So our investment team meets like clockwork to assess the fit between the market and your investments.

Regular Reviews and Updates of Your Financial Plan
Since change is the only constant in your life and the market, we make you a promise that’s in our contract.