Benefit From Our Difference

Understanding Your Goals. Respecting Your Values.

That’s how we work. Here’s how

Your goals, timeline, and comfort level are crucial factors in the design of your investment plan. Your Portfolio Manager and his team of specialists analyze, co-ordinate, and manage your portfolio. Your plan is fully documented, transparent, and measurable.

The vast majority of investment advisors empower a fund manager at an investment firm to care for your family’s wealth. The fund company knows nothing at all about you, or what’s important to you. That just doesn’t make sense to us. You are our first priority. We get to know you well before we ever suggest an investment. We understand what you want your money to do for you and your family, and we work hard every day to that end.

To take advantage of market opportunities or protect your capital, reaction speed is critical. Your Portfolio Manager has that speed.

Most investment advisors (97%) don’t have discretionary power over your account. Because your Portfolio Manager does, it allows him to nimbly rebalance as required, better control risk, and act quickly to protect your capital.

With fewer layers between you and your Portfolio Manager, decisions are made far more quickly and effectively, with less cost to you because there are fewer layers to be compensated.

Amid the massive noise of information in the market, we can pick out meaningful signals. The challenge is in knowing how to look for them.

To identify those signals, HollisWealth® reaches beyond the standard available data by subscribing to some of the best research obtainable. Our team of experts meticulously analyze the data and provide the insight that fuels our recommendations.

Completely transparent, our fees are based on a modest percentage of the assets we administer on your behalf. Your success is our success. It’s that simple.

You know the cost of your last TV, but do you know what one of your biggest assets — your portfolio — costs you?

Generally, that’s very hard, if not impossible, to figure out.
In one quick look at your statement of account, you’ll know exactly how much your portfolio has grown and what our fees were.

Our fees are lower because there are no “middle men” to be paid between you and your Portfolio Manager. In some cases, the fees you pay are tax deductible.

“No news” is not good news in our book. That’s why we sit with you three or four times a year and schedule five or six calls per year.

We want you to know exactly where you stand. All of our reports are designed to be very reader-friendly, with pertinent details and exact descriptions of your positions.

We review your goals and plan frequently to ensure that all aspects are aligned and we’re on track.

We believe that we have a responsibility – to both existing and prospective clients – to provide a dynamic online platform that embraces the life enhancing principle of informed financial decision-making.

Updated regularly and packed with news, analysis and insight, our blog is designed to expand your understanding of investment opportunities, economic and lifestyle trends, movements in the markets, and other key influencers of the financial landscape.